July 4th is around the corner as are the fireworks that inevitably come with this holiday. Most humans with Boxers will agree, this is one of the worst days of the year for their pups.

Here are some tips for helping your Boxer cope with the noise:

        1. Make sure your Boxer gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day so she will be tired.
        2. Keep your Boxer inside during the fireworks displays, preferably with human companionship. If you can’t be home, leave the radio or television on to help drown out noises.
        3. Provide a safe place inside for your Boxer to retreat. A crate is a good option for dogs that are comfortable in one. Place the crate away from the windows, in a large closet or in a room with small windows.
        4. If possible, keep your windows and curtains closed. Covering the crate or lowering the blinds also can be helpful.
        5. Make sure your Boxer is wearing a properly fitted collar with current ID tags. More dogs are reported missing after the July 4th holiday than any other time of the year.
        6. Leave your Boxer something fun to do – like a frozen chew toy or hollow bone filled with his favorite treats.
        7. Get your Boxer a pressure vest. A Thundershirt or other tight-fitting vests calm through the use of gentle pressure.
        8. Stay home. Your Boxer will be much happier and calmer if you’re there.