****PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT dogs available for adoption through ABR (unless otherwise indicated with an update and link). These dogs are still in shelters and in need of temporary homes to save their lives. For a list of dogs available for adoption and info on the adoption process please visit the ADOPTION PAGE.****

Please consider adopting, fostering or donating to help save a Boxer. We serve all areas of Texas including Austin (Austin Boxer Rescue), Houston (Lone Star Boxer Rescue), and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW Boxer Rescue).

The following boxers need your help. These dogs are currently in local shelters or in homes that can no longer care for them for whatever reason. ABR has been asked to help them, but we cannot take them into our program because without foster homes to temporarily care for them until a permanent home can be found. If you are able to open your home to one of these dogs or another dog currently in boarding it will provide room for us to save one of these dogs. ABR provides all vetting, a crate, flea/heartworm prevention, basic essentials like leash and collar and, if necessary, we will even provide food for each foster boxer. In most cases, ABR has no other information about these boxers other than what's listed here. So please consider fostering one already in rescue that we know would work in your home to allow us time to pull and evaluate one of these babies at risk of euthanasia.

There are also boxers in shelters that we do not have pictures of. We need all the help we can get at this point. If you are interested in fostering for us, please fill out our foster application by clicking here.

If you are unable to take a dog into your home consider our virtual foster program. As a virtual foster you can make a one time donation of $150 to save a specific dog from euthanasia by providing funds for boarding. Please contact us directly about the dog you are interested in virtually fostering to see if the dog is still in need and if there is boarding space available. Space is very limited in boarding during holidays so please understand that we may not be able to accept dogs into rescue through our virtual foster program if it's within a week of a major holiday..

Please contact us if you are interested in fostering this boxer! Refer to BIN Number in your email please.

Can't foster right now?

That’s okay! Donate funds to help towards the release of a Boxer in a shelter situation or pay for an open space in boarding. No donation amount is too small!