Want to Become a Volunteer?

Please consider adopting, fostering or donating to help save a Boxer. We serve all areas of Texas including Austin (Austin Boxer Rescue), Houston (Lone Star Boxer Rescue), and Dallas Ft Worth (DFW Boxer Rescue).

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Austin Boxer Rescue! Our organization is run entirely by unpaid volunteers so we count on the generosity of people donating their time and talents to keep us running. We know that everyone has unique talents and skills that can benefit our dogs. If you have a couple hours a month, we will do our best to match your interests and skills to something that will directly improve the lives of boxers in Texas! Please take the time to let us know how you can help us and someone will contact you soon. On behalf of the pups ~ thank you!

What types of activities do our Volunteers do?

  • Visit homes of potential adopters to screen them to be Fosters.
  • Transport dogs to and from vet appointments.
  • Help with Adoption Days events.
  • Help at Hewitt Kennel
  • And more!

Important: Incomplete Applications will NOT be accepted.

Please use a link below to submit a volunteer application to your selected city/region.

Already a Volunteer?

To access additional information about our organization or helpful tips for your dog, please visit this page.