Have you been thinking about getting a new dog but you’re not sure if you’re ready for the long-term commitment and costs involved? Why not try fostering a dog from a local rescue group, like Austin Boxer Rescue, or shelter instead?

Fostering isn’t just a wonderful opportunity for the dog, it helps shelters, rescue organizations, and the one doing the fostering! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Fostering saves lives.  Fostering a Boxer means more space is available for rescue groups and shelters to bring in new dogs that need saving.

You are making the dog more adoptable. Some Boxers don’t “show” well in shelters as shelters can be very stressful environments, especially for sensitive dogs. Bringing a Boxer into your home gives you the opportunity to help him develop basic skills such as leash training, house training, and other basic commands that potential adopters will find attractive when looking for the perfect dog for their family.

You can help change the dog’s future. Sadly, many dogs in shelters and rescues have been abused or neglected. Bringing a Boxer into your home gives him the chance to know what love feels like and to begin to trust again.

You become part of a wonderful community. Most rescues and shelters have mentors who are there to help you throughout the fostering process by answering questions and suggesting ideas about what’s best for the dog. Many rescues also will provide food and medical care for your foster while he’s with you.

You will make someone’s family complete. Finding your foster his perfect home (who knows, it could be your own!) is its own reward. While letting him go may be difficult, you can do so knowing that you helped him make the transition to a forever family.

Happy Fostering!

Learn more about fostering – https://austinboxerrescue.com/foster/