Do you love boxers as much as we do? Would you love to help our boxers find their forever home? The answer to that is BECOME A FOSTER VOLUNTEER!

Fostering is such a rewarding experience. It allows you to be an integral part of the future of the dogs we rescue. Many of our foster families get updates and pictures from the families that adopt the dogs they have fostered. Knowing that you were the one to love, care, shape, and nurture that dog is a gift beyond measure. Below are answers to some questions you may have.

What is a Foster Home?

The only way we can continue to rescue boxers in need is to have a temporary location to place them while they are waiting for their permanent family. Sometimes a foster home is needed to help our boxers transition from the stress of living at a shelter. A foster home is a safe place for our boxers to relax and learn how to become part of a family while giving them shelter, food, love and care. ABR makes fostering even easier by providing mentors, crates, food, and medical care when needed.

Will a Boxer Fit into Your Family’s Lifestyle?

We have puppies, adolescents, young adults, and even older guys and gals! Our foster coordinators can talk with you to determine what type of dog would best work in your home. Do you have children? Other dogs? Cats? Our foster coordinators can recommend dogs that are the best match for your family, whether you’re active or take a more relaxed approach to life.

What Will I Need to Do?

We have a handbook for fosters, but in short, responsibilities include:

  • Caring for your foster the way you would your own dog. It’s amazing how just a little TLC can go a long way towards showing a dog a better life.
  • Making sure your foster takes any required medication.
  • Taking your foster to any necessary vet appointments or using our network of volunteers to find him/her a ride.
  • Taking your foster to your area’s adoption day events in order to show how wonderful they are to prospective families.


Fosters are among our most important volunteers and we couldn’t save as many dogs as we do without them. Please say YES to the wonderful opportunity and fill out our foster application. One of our foster coordinators will contact you soon.