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Please consider adopting, fostering or donating to help save a Boxer. We serve all areas of Texas including Austin, Houston (LSBR/Lone Star Boxer Rescue), and DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth).

If you want to become a Foster, please fill out the application below. Your answers to these questions help us determine the best homes for our Rescue Boxers, and the best Rescue Boxer for you to foster. By applying to become a foster home for Austin Boxer Rescue, you hereby give your Veterinarian(s) and other references permission to disclose information to Austin Boxer Rescue.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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About You

Foster Agreement

The following provisions constitutes the entire agreement between Austin Boxer Rescue (“ABR”) and applicant listed above related to fostering boxer dogs for ABR.

All dogs over which Austin Boxer Rescue (“ABR”) has taken actual or constructive possession and control are the exclusive property of ABR (an “ABR Dog”).

Until an ABR Dog is Adopted, ABR retains and maintains all ownership rights to any ABR Dog and maintains the superior right to possession of an ABR Dog at all times.

Until an ABR Dog is Adopted, ABR's relinquishment of physical possession of an ABR Dog to any person or organization for the purpose of fostering or caring for the dog for any period of time does not waive or affect ABR's ownership of an ABR Dog or ABR's superior right to possession of an ABR Dog.

As a volunteer Foster for ABR, I agree to and will keep ABR apprised of my current physical address, telephone number(s), and e-mail (URL) address(es) at all times.

As a volunteer Foster for ABR, I agree to and will abide by all of ABR's written guidelines, rules, and standards relating to the care, discipline, treatment, control, and welfare of ABR Dogs. I also agree to and will abide by any written or verbal/oral directions of ABR officers and coordinators regarding an ABR Dog.

As a volunteer Foster for ABR, I agree to and will abide by all instructions and directions given to me by an ABR coordinator or prescribed by any veterinarian or veterinary clinic staff selected by ABR in connection with the medical care and treatment of an ABR Dog. I also understand that all medical care will be paid for by ABR, but must be approved by an ABR coordinator and the dog must be taken to an ABR veterinarian.

As a volunteer Foster for ABR, I agree and promise not to relinquish physical possession and control of an ABR Dog (or allow an ABR Dog out of my possession and control) to any person or organization not affiliated with ABR for any reason. I understand that this promise includes not allowing an ABR Dog to be cared for, watched, or adopted by any person or organization without the prior written approval of the ABR board of directors or an authorized agent of that board.

As a volunteer Foster for ABR, I agree to make any ABR Dog in my care available to meet prospective adopter(s). I agree to transport any ABR Dog in my care to locations to be shown to a prospective adopter(s) and to veterinary appointments.

I understand and agree that Fosters-in-Good-Standing with ABR have the first right to adopt (otherwise known as right of first refusal) an ABR Dog. I understand and agree that in order to be considered a Foster-in-Good-Standing I must have complied with the agreements, promises, understandings, and representations contained in this Foster Agreement. I understand and agree that, should more than one Foster-in-Good-Standing seek to adopt the same ABR Dog, ABR retains discretion to determine which Foster-in-Good-Standing will be allowed to adopt and that preference will be given to a Foster-in-Good-Standing who has actually fostered the particular ABR Dog and/or with whom, in ABR's judgment, the ABR Dog has already bonded.

I understand and agree that any Foster-in-Good-Standing with ABR exercising his or her rights to first adopt an ABR Dog will be required, and I hereby agree, to pay the Adoption fee applicable to the particular ABR Dog being adopted at the time of adoption. This includes the standard fee as determined by ABR unless the dog is deemed by ABR not to have a fee. I understand that the age, pure bred status and adoption fee will be determined by ABR and is non-negotiable. To be eligible to adopt all dog/cats in a home or on an application must be spayed/neutered prior to adoption, no exceptions.

I understand and agree that I will surrender any ABR Dog to an authorized representative of ABR within twelve hours of receiving a written demand from ABR to surrender that ABR Dog at the time and place prescribed by ABR. This written demand includes the receipt of an e-mail or electronic message and the twelve-hour period begins to run when the e-mail or electronic message is sent to the last e-mail (URL) address that ABR has on file for me.

I understand and agree that, should I for any reason fail or refuse to relinquish possession of an ABR Dog after a written demand by an authorized ABR representative to do so, I thereby forfeit any right to possession of an ABR Dog and will be guilty of civil conversion of ABR's property and criminal theft of ABR's property.

I also understand that any bodily injury or property damage arising from an ABR Dog and/or my control and maintenance of an ABR Dog that I am fostering is my responsibility, and that I will not hold Austin Boxer Rescue, or any of its members, responsible or liable for any resulting bodily injury or property damage. Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Austin Boxer Rescue, and its agents, volunteers and employees from any and all claims, lawsuits, injuries, or damages made or asserted by anyone, even those resulting from the negligence of Austin Boxer Rescue, and its agents, volunteers and employees.

I understand and agree that this agreement is to be performed in its entirety in Travis County, Texas, and that the courts of Travis County, Texas shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue over any dispute related to or arising out of this agreement. I understand and agree that I will pay ABR's costs of recovery, court costs, and attorney fees should ABR be forced to pursue legal action against me in order to enforce this Foster Agreement.

If I HAVE borrowed a crate from ABR and I agree to return the crate back to ABR within 7 days of returning the foster to ABR, adopting my foster dog, or once my foster gets adopted and I am unable to take in another foster dog. I understand that I will owe ABR $100 if I chose not to return the crate.

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