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Little did we know Zion would stay home forever. My family volunteered to foster him over the weekend, Zion arrived on a Friday afternoon with his cheerful personality, his loving nature and his beautiful expressive eyes and that was it…we fell in love with him. We lost our boxer, Mona, a few weeks before Zion came to steal our hearts. We were devastated because Mona had been with us for almost 13 years. She was such an integral part of our family. She was there when we got married, when we brought my daughter home for the first time, even when we moved from Pittsburgh to Austin. We didn’t think any other dog would be able to sneak into our hearts like Mona but I have to say, Zion proved us all wrong, especially me (mom). I cannot express with words the joy he has brought to us. We can safely say we are a dog family. We have so much love to share and give to a four-legged family member. Knowing that he was out there waiting to come home to us makes me sad but we are making up for it and giving him all the love in the world. He loves chasing my daughter around, loves to snuggle on his new doggie beds, loves to play outside in our yard and is obsessed with his squeaky tennis ball. I cannot thank Austin Boxer Rescue enough for keeping him safe and to his foster family for bringing him to us. Zion is finally home.

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Katia and Family