In February 2013 we found a boxer in need, 1 day from being euthanized. I don’t know what made me feel like he was our dog. But I just knew he was, sight unseen. ABR and my brother and sister in law (they foster with boxer rescue) saved him from eminent death and got him to us. Thank you ABR for bringing him into our lives.

He didn’t seem like a “Rottie” (ABR name) to us so we called him Zeus, since Zeus was protector of gods and man. Zeus could not have been a better fit for our family. He was loved and returned love unconditionally.

We had lost a boxer before to cancer so we were vigilant on having any unusual lumps examined and removed if needed. Everything was fine for 7 years, then cancers started to pop up. We had them removed as soon as we found them and Zeus was ever the trooper. But cancer being the insidious disease that it is developed in the roof of his mouth, the one place we could not easily see. In 3 weeks from the time it was discovered it had tripled in size. It was beginning to interfere with his ability to eat and drink. Faced with having to see our beloved fur baby languish and suffer. We had him put to sleep 5/13/22 after 9+ years with us, we stayed with him as he took his last breath. We owed him that, we will miss him horribly. The vet told us at probably 13 years he lived a very long life, we would have liked more.

We often wondered what his life was like before he came to us, if he missed someone, surely someone had to miss him. He was just so good, everything about him was just perfect. But they lost out and we were his people and he loved us and he made our lives better just being here. He really was a god among dogs to us.

Rest In Peace Zeus, you will always be in our heart.