I wanted to share our success story with our two ABR rescues.
Zane (formerly Rolly) was adopted in 2017 and Loki (formerly Lil Squeaky) was adopted almost exactly 2 years later. Both boys were brought in to the ABR with their mothers and we got them as small pups. Zane is a boxer/husky mix and Loki is boxer/bulldog/and a whole lot of other things mix. These boys don’t look very boxer-ish but boy are they ever boxers, with wiggly bottoms, incredible amounts of energy, amazingly ridiculous sleep positions, and truly gentle, loving manners toward each other and their human family. They are the highlight of our family and bring us joy every day (except when they decide to tear up the plants in the backyard.) Thank you, ABR, for rescuing these baby boys so we could have them as part of our family.