Yolo SS_250x250From what I know of Yolo’s history, him and his mother, Munroe, were owner surrenders in Amarillo, TX. Once at the shelter they were deemed aggressive. ABR wanted to pull them but none of the shelter staff were willing to go in and break them out because they were afraid of them. They were actually supposed to be euthanized but somehow missed their euthanasia date. Stacy Sakai, a godsend and a shelter volunteer, saved them. She has an aggressive dog and realized they were just scared. I emailed Stacy recently giving her an update on Yolo and thanking her for saving him. She told me that Yolo actually saved his mom because once he came out she allowed Stacy to take her out also. (side note: Munroe is in a wonderful forever home too!!)
I picked Yolo up at a fellow volunteer’s house and was expecting to pick up a puppy. Instead this huge barreling boxer ran out to me. I knew right away we were in trouble. We have two female boxers at home and my husband had always wanted a young big brindle male. Yolo fit all the categories. Sooner than later we were falling in love with this big goof. I remember driving him to adoption day and having to pull over and call my husband and tell him I couldn’t do it and I was coming back home. My husband talked me down off the ledge and said for me to go to adoption day and if it was meant to be and he didn’t get adopted then we could keep him. Needless to say I strongly discouraged anyone who came to look at him and said he was very high energy, destroyed things, ect. We have had Yolo for about 6 months now and he is the class clown of the family. He is a bull in a china cabinet, has destroyed two comforters, broke out of his crate numerous times, been nicknamed by a friend “YoNo” but he has truly forced himself into our hearts. He makes us laugh every day with his antics including when he plays dead dog at night when we try to move him off the bed. He is my husband’s pride and joy, in fact, these two are so bonded Yolo has his own song that my husband sings to him. Him and the girls get along great, he is my little shadow and one of his favorite pastimes is sticking his head out of the sunroof. We love this boy and although he is lacking a few manners he lights up our life and completes our pack.

Thank you to Stacy Sakai and Austin Boxer Rescue for saving this sweet boy.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Addie Cantu