Wrigley 6 Wrigley 5 Wrigley 4 Wrigley 3 Wrigley 2 Wrigley 1It’s been less than a week since this lovable boy came into our family and now we can’t imagine life without him. Wrigley (already a Cubs fan) was known at ABR as sweet Bubbalicious. He has jumped into our family life with all four paws, boundless Boxer energy, and no hesitation. He has been to the Farmer’s Market, pet store, food truck park, the vet and on many walks on the trail, and so far it seems he has ‘never met a stranger’. He is quite the charmer who LOVES to give kisses and hugs but is also trying to learn that other dogs and people sometimes have this thing called ‘personal space’. :) We will never be able to adequately thank Gina Eubank, his foster mom, for all that she has done for Wrigley. After watching the two of them together during our visit there was no question that he was smitten. It is truly a reflection of the love and cares that he was given while with his foster family that he has been able to fit right in with our family in just a few short days. Both she and Wrigley will forever be a part of our family’s story. Thank you so much to ABR for the time and effort that was invested in our Wrigley. He has certainly found his forever home.