Our Baby Willow came to us in 2011.I saw you on the adoption page and fell in love with you. Karen and I met you as you came hopping through the door, you came to me and it was all over .You melted our hearts and our new adventure started.You we’re 1 year old and had had enough trama for a life time. A car hit you,a stroke and a dog attack and you bent Alittle but didn’t break. Willow bend and sway but never break.You have brought such a joy and bright happiness
 to our family . I will miss the times I come home and your not there to greet me. So many special times that I will cherish the rest of my days.Now your whole ,healthy and happy and can run like the wind. Your Brothers and Sister met you at the bridge and showing you the ropes.Till the day our eyes meet again and we are together again. RIP our sweet baby Willow
Mom and Dad. Xoxo❤️