willow_250x250To our friends at ABR,

Just to let you all know Willow (Holiday) has settled into her new home with Karen and I and her brother the Major and Piper.We lost our beloved Bosco to cancer last month and knew we had more love to give another and we know Bosco would approve. I was looking at the sight saw her and knew we could give her the life she had fought so hard to live. Willow is eating well and has the energy of a Greyhound. She runs and does the Boxer turnaround. We are so lucky to have found her. She surprises us everyday with her I can do this attitude. I know we have a tough little girl that can overcome anything life throws at her.

I want to thank Jen, Rebecca and all the Drs. that saw and gave Willow a chance to live. Karen and I will give her the best life has to offer her.

Thanks again guys.