Whiskey River HE_250x250To give you all an update/success story on Whiskey River:
When Whiskey first came home with us, he was an affectionate, but scared little puppy. He is emerging from his shell every day and big thanks to Jim and Liz Cahalan for doing so much to rehabilitate him before he came to live with us. Big brother Hugo has helped make his transition to a less-fearful life much easier and Whiskey loves snuggling close into him. Hugo is a very active boy, so Whiskey also has a constant playmate and friend. Meredith’s mom affectionate refers to the boys as her “Granddogs” and loves to spoil them, as you can see by the stockings.

Thank you, ABR, for all that you do and for helping us find the newest four-pawed Ridgway! We couldn’t imagine our life without Whiskey River.

-Zachary and Meredith Ridgway