Waldo_250x250Hello ABR!

I just wanted to send you an update on Disney. Here are a few photos as well.

Remeber Disney? Disney now known as Waldo has really gotten use to his life here. He loves to go to Zelicks (a dog friendly bar) where he chooses the extra seat or my lap over the floor. He also enjoys hikes at the trails with his friends and of course the dog park where he gets to drink out of the dog fountain. He enjoys chewing on bones or making goofy faces up at me while I’m trying to watch t.v. Waldo also likes to sleep on the couch with his new brother Opie (the cat), even though Opie tries to deny it and jumps off just before every picture i try to take. Waldo does even more for me. He has become my best friend and makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. He’s the sweetest, goofiest and best companion ever. I will always be thankful to you Austin Boxer Rescue for making this possible.

Melanie Kahanek