We went up to Austin to have a meet and greet session on 3/26 with our 2 dogs and one of the boxers up for adoption (the Sunday after an adoption day). Well it didn’t work out with him but we were introduced to ABR Dooley (now named Tyson) and we quickly knew he was the “one”. He was a good match with our dogs and we brought him home that day! There have been some pecking order issues between him and our 15 year old Shar-pei mix (but they have gotten few and far between) and he has lightened up on the food aggressiveness that he displayed at the beginning and fit into our family quite nicely. He loves to sit on my lap (quite often) and he has learned to wait until given permission to eat his food. He was already awesome with a leash and he came to us knowing how to sit and shake. He’s getting better with stay but we’re working on it. We are eagerly awaiting a trip to the dog park to see how he interacts with other dogs (moving slowly on that one). Thanks for introducing us to our big handsome boy! We are in love!