Tumbleweed 1 Tumbleweed and Sami 2 Tumbleweed 4 Tumbleweed and Sami 1 Tumbleweed 3 Tumbleweed 2On May 8, 2015, our family grew by one boxer. Tumbleweed has been a great addition to our family. Austin Boxer Rescue has been incredibly helpful in our journey of adopting Tumbleweed and going through his heartworm treatment. In working with Jacque, there was never a problem or question she couldn’t answer. We didn’t know a lot about pet adoption or heartworms until we got Tumbleweed, but she did a great job in educating us and ensuring we fully understood everything. She was always just a phone call away if we needed anything (thank you so much!). We are happy to say that we have made it past the 6 week recovery period for the heartworm treatment and love knowing that we have two healthy boxers in our family. Tumbleweed has gained about 15 pounds since we first got him and is a big teddy bear. He is a very laid back boxer and enjoys attention and being petted. He has fit into our family very well and we wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has unique features unlike other boxers, which makes him even more special to us. Thank you to Jacque and Austin Boxer Rescue for bringing Tumbleweed into our lives.

Chris & Heather Robinette