Tulip MemorialShe was an absolute angel and we miss her so much. The year that she has been gone has been so hard. Her loss has left a huge void in our lives. We adopted Tully in January of 2005 when she was 10 weeks old. Unfortunately we now know that she was bred by someone who was really just looking to make money, and did not have the best interest of the dogs at heart. Tully’s parents were way to young to breed and probably had many of their own health problems. Within a year of bringing Tully home, she began suffering from intensely painful stomach viruses. She was put through every test and we tried every medication available but with little success. Ultimately she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We could never keep her well for more than a few weeks at a time. It was the most helpless feeling in the world. Tully was also diagnosed with Pulmonic Stenosis, a congenital heart disease. The last year of Tully’s short life, she also began suffering from head tremors. We took her to see a Veterinary Neurologist whose only words of advise were to enjoy our sweet girl while we had her because her life was to be short. Little did we know that Tully would not quite make it to her 3rd birthday. The day we lost her, September 30, 2007, was the hardest day of our lives. Even now, a year later, the pain of losing our faithful friend and family member is still as evident as it was on that day. Although we will never fully recover from losing our sweet Tully, we will always be thankful for the time we had with her. We love her dearly.

Thanks for the work you do with this breed. We hope one day, when the grief subsides, to add another Boxer to our home.

Greg and Jennifer Hultman