Tucker TuxI wanted to take a moment to let you know that Tucker formerly Tux) is doing great. He loves everyone! Unfortunately, our grumpy old cat doesn’t love him back. I have found them curled-up sleeping together in the crate, though, so I think they’ll eventually do fine. Tucker has put on weight gradually and looks just gorgeous. He’s now a 60lb lap-dog! We constantly get compliments about how good-looking and well-behaved he is. As you’ll see from the pictures I’ve attached, his favorite time is NAP TME. Daycare life agrees with him: eat, play until you drop, nap, play, eat, bedtime. He’s incredibly smart and has no problem distinguishing between parents dropping-off or picking-up children and strangers who don’t belong here.
Thank you for helping us find the perfect dog for us!

Nanci Edwards