In March 2012, Shanna (ABR volunteer) posted on fb a picture of a boxer in a kill shelter in Abilene.

My husband, Scott, showed me the picture and insisted on fostering the little guy. Of course I gave in, and we went to Austin to pick him up from Shanna. He was in bad shape with Kennel Cough, Cherry Eye, and about 25lbs underweight. We thought he seemed like a sweet and calm pup, and we began to heal him back to health.

We named him Trebleclef “Treble” after my husband’s passion for music. A couple of months later he was doing awesome, and we found out he was an outgoing and full of energy pup. Along with his new health, several requests came in to adopt him. We talked and decided we couldn’t let him out of our family and decided to adopt him.

We now had 3 boxer boys, and they have earned the titles “Da Boys” and “3 headed boxer” (since you can’t just pet one at a time). Treble has often been called “Trouble” because he is always into something or bothering his brothers. No matter his antics he has a sweet heart, and is a loyal and loving pup.

We are going to miss him, and there will be a huge gap in our family. We are glad that we could give him 8 more years on this earth.

Run wild and free crazy boy, and we miss you. Love you Treble and we will see you again in heaven one day.