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A tribute to Tovah.

What is Dog Heaven?

It’s where our furry companions go when their time with us is done,
and the light they brought into our lives fades like the setting Sun.
They pass through skies of endless blue, to where a St. Bernard awaits,
and she asks them a few questions as they stand before the Gates.
It’s really just formality ’cause their answers are always the same,
of how they were both loyal and true, or helped the blind and lame.
All shapes and sizes, all colors and breeds, most loved, but some mistreated,
they all brought love when they heard the call, and gave us what we needed.
Maybe a shoe got turned to a chew, and maybe a few jumped fences,
but these minor things are all over looked, and judged unimportant offences.
The real Key to those Pearly Gates, every four legged friend possesses,
they gave all their heart, to give all us joy, for some treats and a few carresses.
And their reward when their work is done, is a shade tree in Dog Heaven’s place,
where the treats are always abundant, and there’s lots of fast squirrels to chase.
Yes we shed hard tears at the loss of our pals, with names like Bucky, Tovah and Mevin,
but know you this, o’er the blue sky above, they’re all blissful inside Doggie Heaven.

By Lou Braucci 04/23/2016