Yorkie SSHello,

We have had Yorkie for over a month now. Our kids thought since our little guy Louie is named after Louis Vuitton she should have a designer name too so she is now Tory Burch so, we have designer Boxers.

When we met Tory at the adoption day Tory was not really crazy about Louie so we left without adopting a new family member a little disappointed thinking we were getting a new addition to the family and a playmate and friend for Louie. In the short time we spent at the adoption day Tory had already picked my wife and kids as her new family. On the way home my wife looked at me and said we have to go back. We pulled over and called you all. We met you at the Vet and picked her up that evening. We had some concerns with Tory and Louie getting along and were ready to do the slow introduction as you recommended. We put Tory in her kennel for a little while and when we let her out to go outside Louie and Tory just took off and started to tear around the house playing as though they had known each other forever. Now they are best friends. Tory is still settling in as a month is not a long time for a Boxer to adjust to their new surroundings. She is a very good girl but still has some rules to learn but, we are all learning together. Louie is still learning too as he is still a pup of 15 months.

The last thing I would like to say to other people out there considering adopting one of the Boxers in rescue is if you find one that you like and it really shows the traits you are looking for in a Boxer, give them a chance. At the adoption day you can see that they are nervous and out of their comfort zones. After Tory was home with us for a few hours her real personality started to show and I am very happy that my family talked me into going to the vet and bringing her home.

Here are a few pictures of Tory and Louie. We will keep you up to date on her.

Thank you,