When Texan came to us he was looking for a home to spend his last days. You see he was a Senior boxer
which very few people want. We were only to keep him for a short period until a permanent foster or
home could be found. However, we soon came to fall in love with him. You could summarize Texan in
four words “A gentle old soul”. Old may not be accurate, as with most senior boxers, as they too have a
lot of life in them. Texan could keep up with any of our four dogs and did. In fact, he outlived all but one
of our dogs. We often found Texan snuggling with our angry Chihuahua or playing in the backyard with
one of our other boxers. I say play as that does not accurately describe his nature. He would seem to be
chilling and then all of a sudden throw his head back and get a burst of excitement and energy. He was
great on walks and could keep up with boxers much younger. Slim was another word that describes
Texan. He was a light light brown not the typical fawn you usually see. Jacque once said that you could
trust him around baby rabbits.
Rick also saw a lot of love in Texan and loved him unconditionally and very much. He had this to say
“from the time Texan came into our family he brought nothing but love an joy. I loved him the minute I
saw him and knew he needed us. Texan was a beautiful soul and friendly to all he knew. I am so sorry
before all of us was so rough. Texas sweet boy you are so loved and the day you left you took a part of
me forever. I know you are in a special place with Emma, Gus, Boone, and Willow flying with the angels.
Rest in peace our sweet boy”
Texan was a fighter to the end as he never showed any pain or discomfort. In fact, we had a very hard
time deciding it was his time.
To those of you reading this, please consider an older boxer as they need a loving home to spend their
As you can tell, everyone would have loved Texan. All you had to do was meet him.

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