13401354_10103843068072867_1308056250_nIt’s with a very heavy heart that I say Tilly (formally Auntie Mame) has crossed the rainbow bridge. I adopted this senior girl almost 2 years ago. I keep trying to think of the perfect words to say, but the truth is there are none to describe how much I will miss this sweet girl’s face every day. She’s been the reason I laugh and smile a million times a day, the best foster momma to countless puppies who have come and gone, a great cuddle partner, my shoulder to cry on through a rough year, and the absolute best thing I loved about coming home every day. I’m going to miss those big ole eyes that were constantly staring, the way she gave you her paw the second you stopped petting her, how her lip got stuck on one of her few remaining teeth, the goofiest run I’ve ever seen, how she took up all of my bed, the wiggle of her rice-a-roni tail, and that bark that made you swear there was a seal in the house. She was the best friend a girl could have ever asked for. See you on the other side pretty girl. – Brittany Dilworth