16806984_1285194388227982_1759043052693863374_nMiss Thora is the sweetest and I cannot express how much I love and pamper her. She howls quite often when the phone is ringing and she cannot see me. My male, Tyson, did this all the time. She seems to have traits of the last 2 I lost. Today was one year that I lost my female, Brandy. Thora seems to know as she is snuggling right next to me while I rest my elbow on her rump as I write this note. I also received the most robust reception from her upon returning home after being out for a few hours.
She is extraordinarily smart. Certain sounds on the TV catch her attention and she stands in front of it turning her head from side to side, watching and listening.
Just wanted to share these tidbits of loving interaction with this beautiful animal. My heart melts each time she does cute things when her ears fold back and she is running around the house playing when she brings me a chewie to hold so she can chew it. And the list goes on.