Tex Memorial“This week I said the final goodbye to my best friend, my family and my love-bug. Tex a.k.a. Virago came into my life two and a half years ago. He was a silver heart boxer ( 10 at the time) with tumors all over his body and Heart warm positive. Among all the beautiful young boxers at adoption day, he looked like a frail old guy just waiting for a second chance, but when I approached him I knew he was just waiting for me. We fell in love with each other right away: he had the most joyful spirit, the kindest soul and the happiest attitude. Don’t be fooled … I did not rescue him…NO He rescued me at a time when my life was falling apart; he picked up the pieces of my broken heart and showed me the true meaning of love, friendship and loyalty. He helped me rebuild my life and taught me how to be happy again; he made me laugh when all I had were tears…and trust me I laughed so much with my goofy little munchkin !!!

I will forever miss his wiggling butt ( he never stop wagging his little tail..not even in his sleep), his wet nose ( every night before going nite nite he would wait with his nose on my face for a goodnight kiss), his clumsy jumps ( yes he still played with toys little a puppy) , his eloquent speeches ( he loved talking on the phone) and even his stinky farts!!!
I love you forever my sweet-pea! We will meet again on the other side of the rainbow bridge till then run free, eat all that yummy treats you can and don’t forget my heart and soul are forever yours.

Your mommy, and Luna “