Teenk-FrancisWe adopted Teenk 3/15/2008. She was our first family pet as well as out first adopted rescue. As my son McKadein and I were looking at dogs that day at the adoption event we found a few that we were interested in. Well “Anastasia” now known as Teenk had a different plan in mind. She had her eye on McKadein all day. So we didn’t choose our new family member we were lucky enough for her to choose us! 3/15/2008 changed our family dynamic and our lives forever and definitely for the better.

She brought such happiness and selflessness into our lives that really did change everything. Her “person” was my son McKadein and they did everything together. When he called her into the bedroom and up on the bed it was such a foreign thing to her she seemed so scared.

I was so sad just to think how she was most likely treated before she came to us. So from that day on Mckadein said she will sleep with me every night and will never be sad, scared, or feel unloved again! What a blessing for my 6 year old to learn such a valuable lesson. Treat all creatures with love a respect and treat them, human or animal, how you would want to be treated. So every night she was tucked in on her side of the bed with her pillow and blanket.

Teenk truly opened our eyes, hearts, and minds to the process of adoption and fostering and how rewarding it is for your family and the dogs.

Unfortunately Teenk was put to rest 8/14/2014. She was about 12 years old and due to age had a few age related medical issues. We of course wanted to be selfish and have her with us forever but she did not have a good quality of life,

medically, and we decided to end her suffering in the most safe, comfortable, and loving way possible.

We will miss her FOREVER. There is not a day that we won’t think about her and miss her. Our feeling of sadness is pretty unbearable at times but it will get better day by day. There will never be another Teenk! She truly was one of a kind. We will continue to adopt and foster but there will never be another Teenk!

Teenk baby girl you are truly missed forever and always. I hope you are running around pain free and living it up. You will always be in our hearts.

“Grieve not, nor speak of me of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I am beside you…. I loved you so- ’twas Heaven here with you.”- Isla Parschal Richardson.

Miss and love you forever and always,
Daddy, Momma, McKadein “your person”, and Greyson