TedHE1I adopted Ted 2 years ago. I started out as his foster mom. I had been wanting to adopt for about 2 years. But I was looking for a small female. The first time I met Ted, I was picking him up from South Congress to take to Jennifer’s. She had another dog for me to foster. When I told Betsy I was there to pick up Ted, she said I have to warn you, this is one ugly dog. Another strike , he wasn’t female, he wasn’t small, and he was ugly. Well my foster was adopted at the next adoption day. I was then ask if I would foster Ted. I was hesitant because he was almost hairless from some kind of allergy and was wearing a cone . Which made him unattractive . But the thing that made him the most unattractive was his cleft pallet. But I agreed to foster him. I took him to the doctor about his allergies. They said he was allergic to fleas and flea medication. Another strike.
But Ted has a way of growing on you. When I took him to adoption day people were interested in him. The third adoption day , It looked like he was going to get adopted. I started freaking out on the inside. I wasn’t ready to give Ted up. So I put Ted in my car and brought him home. I couldn’t believe it myself. It had been over two years since my Ruby had passed. The excitement I felt. I had a dog of my own again.

I would like to say Ted has been perfect. But I will say he has been a work in progress. He is now almost perfect. I wouldn’t give him up for anything. Right after I adopted him he ate a red velvet cake. Yes the whole thing. I think it took a while to get the sugar out of system. After eating the cake he started jumping the fence. He bit a neighbor. Another neighbor, he trapped inside his storage shed. Every time he tried to come out Ted would start barking at him. Ted thought it was a game. I was able to find Ted and my neighbor was very mad.. My neighbor did calm down and Ted doesn’t jump the fence or try to bite people any more. I would like to think it was that red velvet cake.

He is now very good with people. Just last week he was so happy to see my daughter-in-law he urinated on her foot. What was that all about ? Ted is friends with the dogs next door too. What I don’t understand is why Ted stands there and lets them urinate on him. Good thing he doesn’t mind showers.

Ted wants to be a good boy. And he gets up every day and intends to be.

Last year I brought him with me to visit my mom. My mom and I went somewhere and when we returned Ted had destroyed every blind facing the street.. We now know he has separation anxiety . It’s a good thing my mom is a dog person.

One of the best things about Ted is how he is with the new fosters. He always gives them space until they feel comfortable. Then its play time.

I just love Ted. That sums it up.