Tasha Hess MemorialDear Tasha Hess,
You were supposed to only be a foster for a short time but we ended up being your forever home. When you came into rescue, you were broken…literally. The fear you carried after being ripped open by a pit bull lingered for many months. We never thought your emotional wounds would heal, but they did. I will never forget how you came into rescue as “aggressive” and when you left you were the poster child of perfect. You turn from fearful to confident and helped other terrified dogs come out of their shell. You taught dogs that have never seen a toy how to play. You remain and inspiration to the foster family you left behind. We love you and miss you and are glad you found peace in your final years on this planet. Thank you for everything you have given us and touching our lives with your wonderful spirit. You will be missed.
Jen and Cotton