Takoda1 Takoda2 Takoda3 Update on life with Takoda (formerly Warbucks). I have had Boxers all my life and am a huge fan of the breed. We lost our sweet Sitka a year ago in July 2014. In January with encouragement from Shanna, we decided to try adoption. A puppy became available, my husband and I traveled to Austin for an adoption event to meet him, but that one just didn’t seem the right fit for us. While there, we met Takoda and there was an immediate meeting of the minds and souls. A young boy was at the event and told me Takoda was his and his family was going to adopt him. Knowing Boxers and children, we left the event and sadly drove back to East Texas without a dog. A couple of days later we were informed that the adoption didn’t go through and he was available. We made a second trip to Austin and brought our baby home. We have worked through his fear of being left and his sporadic extreme timidity and his hiding under the bed that he exhibited when he first came to live with us. He has become the happy, loving, family member all Boxers should be. He has a few quirks that we have discovered, one of which is his absolute love of water. He enjoys running in the rain and jumping every mud puddle he finds along with his love of the lake where he visits his furry cousins and going for rides in his uncle’s boat, often trying to help drive We have learned to put them up higher when we leave the house. He enjoys sleeping on both the couch and our bed. Like the old saying goes “My dog is not spoiled…I am just well trained” Takoda has become an integral part of our family and we are happy we made the decision of adopt.

Rebecca and Dan Higgins