sweetdavisIn My Good Death by Dalia Shevin
I will find myself waist deep in high summer grass. The humming shock of the golden light. And I will hear them before I see them and know right away who is bounding across the field to meet me. All my good dogs will come then, their wet noses bumping against my palms, their hot panting, their rough faithful tongues. Their eyes young and shiny again. The wiry scruff of their fur, the unspeakable softness of their bellies, their velvet ears against my cheeks. I will bend to them, my face covered with their kisses, my hands full of them. In the grass I will let them knock me down.

February 6th, 2014
Sweet Davis, beautiful boy, we helped your soul & body be free yesterday. You were the most loyal friend & clearly told us when it was time to let you go. We are so grateful to you for that & for so many other reasons. Our time with you was far too short, Bubba, but we filled these years with so much love. We will forever miss the sound of you snoring at night, your crooked smile, your beautiful markings, those big brown eyes & your unwavering friendship. If there is anything waiting for us after this life is over, I hope it includes getting to be together. I’d love to sit with you & tell you over & over again what a good boy you are, how deeply we loved you, how much pure joy you brought to our lives & how lucky we feel that we got to be your family. You were our Davis Mountains, our sweet Poo Poos, our one of a kind baby boy. It brings our grieving hearts such comfort to know you are at peace.
With all the love in the world,
Sarah, Stacy, Theo, Roberta, Tecate & Milo