chatoandsuki_250x250We want to thank everyone who was so gracious to donate to Chato’s surgery and convalescence and a special thanks to everyone who donates time and energy to Austin Boxer Rescue especially Jennifer without whom we would never have met our pups. Chato is a vital, fun-loving, cuddling fellow who has captured our hearts. He and Suki get along so well together, and we’ve had people ask us if they’re brother and sister. He is using his injured leg a little and yesterday he hiked it for the first time. He’s eating really well. He loves to walk and is learning not to be afraid of neighborhood sights and sounds. He is quick to alert us when he hears something outside our house but is not a yappy or barky dog. He has learned basic commands, but doesn’t always do as he is asked (that stubbon Boxer streak I guess). He is great on a leash, and loves to drink water out of the bottle when we’re hiking. On Sundays when I have to work, we take both dogs with us & have breakfast @ Einstein’s where they have outside tables. Both really enjoy all the attention people give them and have big sloppy kisses for everyone. We had a lot to be thankful for yesterday, and the dogs are at the top of the list (after our kids, of course). Thanks again and congratulations on another great success story.

Denny, Jeannette, Suki, and Chato Wagoner