Sug SSI took over 6 months to decide what kind of dog I wanted to rescue when I decided to get my very first dog (ever)! I ended up choosing a boxer (Izzy) that I adopted in Dallas. She has been a pure joy. So, when I decided she needed a fur brother, I could only go for another boxer. I could not be any happier with Austin Boxer Rescue and my newest addition Sug (formerly Ferret and short for Sugar Ray). He is our own class clown and has been keeping the whole house entertained since the first day he was with us. The boy is just silly… rolling off the couch daily, letting our other boxer pull him across the rug while he is laying down w/the toy in his mouth, talking to us for a rub or snack and laying anywhere he lands his bottom (see pic). He came to us with mange and a few bumps that needed to be removed, but you can see with a little TLC he has turned into a beautiful boy. He already knew some commands and was potty and crate trained, but I decided to take him to obedience training to learn more. He turned out to be the star of the class. He made momma look smart! Extra treats for that. I’m going to continue and start agility training with him. I’ll send an update once I do. I can’t imagine our house without him!! Thanks for all you do!