I wanted to give an update on our boxer Hayley.

Her name at the rescue was Helotes. Hayley joined our family in February of 2015 when our youngest child was 4 months old. He has grown up with Hayley by his side. Hayley has been with us through loss, health concerns, job changes, and one relocation (10 minutes down the road). We have endured through it all, together as a family.

Hayley loves children, small dogs, and play time. Even though she is around 9 or 10, she hasn’t slowed down. During the summer, we foster schnauzers, and Hayley shows them the ropes while helping us with training. Hayley is also convinced that she too is a lap dog, but I don’t mind 60 pounds of boxer sitting in my lap! I believe that Hayley understands English because she always knows just what to do. However, she does argue sometimes if she doesn’t like the request. Hayley’s dislikes include storms, vets, and negative vibes. She enjoys that I work from home so she can follow me everywhere I go.

Hayley has been a blessing to this family. I am grateful that my children will grow up understanding unconditional love and kindness. The road has not always been easy, but our promise to Hayley is that we will alw ays love and care for her.