Storm and HulkABR thank you for all that you do for Boxers!! Most of thank you for our baby girl Storm (previously Bunny). We were so reluctant at first because Storm is deaf, we just didn’t know what to expect. Storm has been with us a little over a year now and has taught us so much. Her heart is gigantic and her personality captures everyone who meets her. People tend to want to be sympathetic because she is deaf, however, she will teach you that not being able to hear is one of her strengths. Our trainer spent more time with us teaching “us” how to communicate then she did training storm; Storm is so smart she had to wait for us to catch up to her level. She has an older brother, Hulk, whom is 2 years old(also a boxer fawn) and those two are best friends! They think everyday is WWF wrestling matches, eat, take a nap then do over. We are so thankful and can not tell you enough how lucky we are to have Storm in our lives!!