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When we adopted Star in December she had demodectic mange, heartworms, and a whole host of physical and emotional scars. In the photos, you can see over the last six months how far she has come physically. She was smiling again by January. Those nasty old worms are gone, her fur is filling in, and she has gained 12 pounds. Please don’t mention her little fat rolls; she deserves them and so much more. What’s not visible is the day she sat beside me and laid her head on my shoulder. I knew I had won her trust and we could work on her other fears. She’s still afraid of storms and going outside after dark. But she knows I’m right there beside her and all will be well. She’s totally in love in with her fur brother Noble, as you can see them sharing a bed by my desk. She’s easy on a leash and has learned a couple of basic commands. She’s still slightly confused about how to react to the cats, but learning fast. We are totally in love with her and so happy and grateful to have this little girl in our lives. Although her name is officially Star, she still responds more readily to Bitsy. I think it’s her way of saying thank you to her wonderful ABR foster.
Keep up the wonderful work you do every day on behalf of the boxers.
Kind Regards,
Kathy Bright