Sinatra_3216-8-10-300_250x250I have been meaning to email you guys for what seems like forever. I adopted Sinatra about a year and a half ago. He was initially quite a handful until we settled into a routine & went to a few training classes. He is now a happy, adjusted & well socialized boxer. He enjoys weekly runs, walks on the greenbelt & riding in the car. He’s a sucker for any attn you are willing to give him. He is a constant source of entertainment for me, my friends & my family as well as a constant source of unconditional love. He is also becoming quite a celebrity in S Austin as he is very unique looking with the ice blue eyes. I cant thank you guys enough for the love that you showed him while he was in you r care & just wanted to make sure you knew that he is being well taken care of & spoiled rotten. Thanks! See attached picture it truely personifies his personality. Enjoy!