Welcome to Austin Boxer Rescue’s Silver Hearts Program.

Silver Hearts are older dogs or dogs with terminal medical diagnoses. These wonderful animals just want a comfortable home to spend their remaining years.

This program is especially for those who can provide special care for boxers which are older and/or in need of hospice care. To adopt a dog through the Silver Hearts program you must complete either the adoption application process. The adoption fee is waived for the adoption of a dog in the Silver Hearts program. Austin Boxer Rescue will continue to pay for vaccinations, hospice care and/or euthanasia at the end of the dogs life through an Austin Boxer Rescue partnered veterinarian.

These dogs are supported by your donations. Without donations from you, this program couldn’t exist.

Silver Hearts Adopted in 2020: 17

Silver Hearts Need Love Too!

More info about our Silver Hearts:

This is a program Austin Boxer Rescue set up for senior dogs. When you get a dog through this program you fill out an adoption application and go through the normal approval process. Once approved you can choose a Silver Heart dog or we will place a dog that we feel is a good fit into your home. There is no adoption fee for Silver Heart dogs and ABR will provide health related services as outlined below.

These dogs have so much life left to live even though they are a little bit older. These dogs are typically easier to bring into your home and integrate with other dogs. They also tend to be calmer, more grateful for their second chance and overall easier dogs. Anyone from an elderly person to a first time dog owner can handle an older dog.

The medical expenses covered through the Silver Heart’s program include:

  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Flea Prevention during the summer months
  • Euthanasia at the end of the dogs life
  • Final disposition of the remains per ABR policy
  • 3 year Rabies
  • Distemper / Parvo
  • Medications for pain or comfort

The top 10 reasons for adopting an older dog include:

  1. Housetrained – Older dogs are housetrained. You won’t have to go through the difficult stages of teaching a puppy house manners and mopping/cleaning up after accidents.
  2. Won’t chew inappropriate items – Older dogs are not teething puppies, and won’t chew your shoes and furniture while growing up.
  3. Focus to learn – Older dogs can focus well because they’ve mellowed. Therefore, they learn quickly.
  4. Know what “no” means – Older dogs have learned what “no” means. If they haven’t learned it, they wouldn’t have gotten to be “older” dogs.
  5. Settle in with the “pack” – Older dogs settle in easily because they’ve learned what it takes to get along with others and become part of a pack.
  6. Good at giving love – Older dogs are good at giving love, once they get into their new, loving home. They are grateful for the second change they’ve been given.
  7. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get. Unlike puppies, older dogs have grown into their shape and personality. Puppies can grow up to be quite different from they seemed at first.
  8. Instant companions – Older dogs are instant companions, ready for hiking, car trips, and other things you like to do.
  9. Time for yourself – Older dogs leave you time for yourself because they don’t make the kinds of demands on your time and attention that puppies and young dogs do.
  10. A good night’s sleep – Older dogs let you get a good night’s sleep because they’re accustomed to human schedules and don’t generally need nighttime feedings, comforting, or bathroom breaks.

Give an older baby a second chance at life and become a parent of a Silver Heart Boxer!  To view our Silver Hearts, please see our available page and look for the "Silver Heart" designation next to a dog's name