Shiner BulletIt’s been just over a month since we brought Shiner (aka Bullet) home from ABR. From the moment we met him at Adoption Day, we knew instantly he would fit into our 4-legged household. His brothers Gunner (boxer) and Mojo (pug) have welcomed Shiner with as much love as his adoptive parents. Their favorite activities include enjoying a peanut butter kong treat, family naptime and laser pen chasing. At night, they cuddle next to each other as if they were separated at birth! The best part is the progress Shiner has made with his obedience training and expanded sign language learning. Obviously bringing a deaf dog into a hearing household poses challenges for everyone, but the family has adapted well. Shiner has learned “come” “lay down” and “get down” in just a short period of time. The best part is his brothers are starting to associate hand signals with their verbal commands! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Needless to say, having this little boy in our lives is truly a blessing. We look forward to participating in more ABR functions and perhaps adopting additional Boxer children down the road. Thanks for all the great work you are doing. This is truly a wonderful cause!

All the best,
Ben, Shannon, Shiner, Gunner and Mojo