The time came to say goodbye to our sweet girl. I could never put into words how much she’s meant to us, how much joy, happiness, laughter, comfort, love, and affection we’ve shared with her. She was the perfect dog at the perfect time for our family. She’s so intertwined in all our habits, routines, conversations, just so much a part of who we are.

She’s been by my side, or in my lap or lying with me on the couch, through 5 back surgeries over 5 years. She always knew exactly what I needed through all the pain, frustration, depression, hope, etc. She was the best therapy dog anyone could ever ask for.

All she ever wanted was to be with her people – on the couch, in the car, hiking and camping, having a beer at the breweries, doing hard work with her dad in the garage. It didn’t matter what or where, just that she could be with us.
When we were gone, she waited by the door, her little eyes peaking above the glass when she heard the car pull up, and then full wiggles and spins with her little nub going crazy to welcome us home. Total and pure unconditional love.

We’ll never fill the hole in our hearts but we miss her knowing she had a wonderful life after such a rough start, stray and injured as just a puppy roaming the streets of San Antonio. We were absolutely blessed to have her and couldn’t have ever dreamed of all she’d give us in the 9.5 years we were lucky enough to have her.

Rest easy sweet Shabu. You’re in our hearts and souls forever. I love you my sweet puppy.

And a special thank you to Austin Boxer Rescue for giving us the chance to rescue her and all the do for boxers across central Texas.

The Uitto Family