SealyI am attaching pictures of my friend Jim and “Sealy.” I know now that it was a real blessing that we found her as she is becoming a sweet little girl (we’re trying to teach her not to jump up on people) and also because Jim’s older Boxer, Molly, is not long for this world. (Jim adopted Molly in 2000 from LSBR) Jim is wonderful with animals and lousy with people and it will be devastating for him to lose Molly. Since she stays with Jim most of the time, I am sorta looking for a full time companion for Ramsey. They love to play together. I have been keeping an eye on your website which I want to compliment you on. It is really good and it appears that you are turning over Boxers pretty quickly.

Hope you are doing well and again, I really appreciate all of your help in getting little Sealy situated!