Scout MemorialYesterday was a good day. Scout had early morning and mid-morning snuggles in the big comfy bed, she spent time in the sunshine, watched the neighbor dogs, went for a ride to the coffee shop for a pastry treat, and went for a short walk. It was a beautiful day in Minnesota and it was also the last day we lived in our house that we bought for Scout (it had a fenced-in yard, windows near her height, and close to the park!). But Scout’s heart condition made it difficult for her to enjoy her days, and she now longer looked you in the eye. We enjoyed over 4 years with this beautiful soul and couldn’t be more thankful for ABR for bringing us together. We had many wonderful adventures (she was quite the traveler!) and loved every minute of our life together. Scout will be greatly missed by her family, her large extended family and many, many friends.
Scout, you made our house a home and we will miss you forever.
Brian and Jill Barnes