SamsHE_250x250Samson is doing great! He’s such a sweetheart. We have almost mastered the house training. I think the holidays got him off track a little, but we are getting back into the routine of things. He has learned to bark at the back door when he needs to go out. He has developed a love for water! He drinks a lot of it, and he loves baths. He also really loved the ice on the ground- he was so funny hopping around like a bunny rabbit and licking everything. Samson had a great first Christmas. He got to meet all of the family, and he got lots of yummy treats and toys for Christmas. He tried to get my in-laws’ Shit-zu to play, but she is a bit snobbish. So, he ended up playing with my husband’s nieces and nephew, instead (and of course Seven!).

Samson usually spends his days playing with Seven, then snuggling with Seven, then playing with Seven, then snuggling with Seven… Sometimes he takes breaks from Seven to take a jog with my husband or to just run circles in the backyard by himself. He has lots of energy, but he also loves to sleep on the couch with me. I should say “on” me, because he is a big lap-dog! He is still growing, and he is so pretty. I get lots of compliments on how handsome he is. I don’t really need other people to tell me that, but it sure makes me proud!
We just love him!