Sammi MemorialOn Monday night, January 25th our sweet Sammi lost her battle with cancer. We were lucky enough to have her for 3 and 1/2 wonderful years. Our little girl had a rough start in life before ABR took her in and we were blessed to have this sweet, gentle, cuddly dog in our family. Here’s a list of what made Saint Sammi so special. Parts of the list were compiled by the children but the whole list represents the things we’d like to remember about Sammi.
1) She was the best dog in the whole world.
2) She would cuddle with me for more than an hour.
3) She had he softest ears. They felt like velvet.
4) She would sleep with her tongue out.
5) She would love to give dog hugs.
6) She was the sweetest dog.
7) She was the prettiest dog ever.
8) She never let us down.
9) She had a tail of steel.
10) We really, really, really miss her.
11) She like to have the children in her crate and would cuddle with them.
12) She always made us smile.
13) She would do a cheerful bark when she wanted in.
14) She had amazing love for everybody.
15) When ever we were sad, she would come over and cuddle with us.
16) She’d do the boxer kidney bean dance when we came home and whack herself in the eye with her tail.
17) She made soft grunting noises when she was happy.
18) She would lean her head into your chest when she wanted pets.
19) She made friends with everyone she met and would climb into their laps.
20) She was a 60lbs. lap dog.
21) She had the sweetest smile.
22) She loved cheese and spaghetti noodles. It was funny how she’d eat chomp down the noodles.
23) She was gentle, loving, and loyal.
24) She protected our house.
25) She made weird burping, dragon noises when wrestling with our other boxer.
26) She had a happy, white-tipped tail that she always held high and wagged.
27) She had four bright-white socks
27) She had the sweetest chocolate brown eyes filled with love.
29) She used her Jedi mind powers to get treats.
30) We loved her with all our hearts and we will always be grateful she was ours.
Goodbye Sammi, will see you on the Rainbow Bridge.