SamsHE_250x250We were looking up boxer breeders in the SA/surrounding areas and discussing with our friends the desire to add a boxer to our family when a friend suggested we look at rescue programs as opposed to breeders. While on Craigslist we came across a post for Sam. We sent an email regarding the possibility of adopting him and that’s when we began communicating with Rick and Heather. They gave us more info and photos of Sam as well as informed us that he was being fostered by them through Austin Boxer Rescue and looking for his forever family. We began researching ABR and love what they do and what all we learned about them. While emailing with Rick and Heather we were eating at Freebirds and talking about Sam and being his forever family. Just then we saw on the bulletin board above our table a business card for ABR and instantly knew this was meant to be. We met Sam, Rick, and Heather on Thursday and brought Sam to his forever family home on Sunday. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Sam and love having him as part of our family. All thanks to Rick, Heather, and ABR.
Eric and Walt