Sam, the Ambassador, joined the Hess & Frazier clan as a 2 to 3 month old puppy 8 ½ years ago. He was born on Christmas Day and was intended as a gift from a daughter to her father who was grieving the loss of his Boxer. Her father passed away before she could make the gift, and that gift became our Sam. He has been a gift every day since.

Sam joined a pack with Fred, Lucy, Wailele and Oscar and later Sadie Rose. Maile, Winona and Grace Kelly. He greeted Ben, our first foster during his first year, and they grew to be best buddies for many years. Ben was one day older than Sam. Sam has subsequently welcomed 26 fosters, some of them twice, over the years. He was always the first to greet them, the first to show them where to pee, the first to play bow, and the first to protect them. 3 fosters became permanent residents under his watch.

Sam was known as “the stoner puppy” for years for his calm, even demeanor. He loved dogs, cats, kids, even birds. He was one who lit up every room he entered and took full advantage of the limelight. He loved going to events for ABR and was an ambassador at many. We hoped he’d make Dogtoberfest on October 15, 2016 but lymphatic cancer honors no calendar. Sam will be greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by Fred, Lucy, Wailele, Sadie Rose, Grace Kelly, Cedric and Kelli, and Sadie will probably jump on him with sheer joy as always.

I trust we didn’t break faith by making you stay too long, or hurt too much just to tell you we love you one more time. I will miss your jumps, your twirls, your barks, bringing me a toy every time I got home, your kisses and your stubborn hard head. I will miss your gentle soul and soft coat and eyes that told me so much. I will miss you for sticking up for the young ones and protecting the sick ones and for showing everyone how strong and wonderful a Boxer can be. Aloha my friend. The rainbow awaits your entry.