SadieSadie is wonderful. She is a perfect fit in our family. My older daughter, Sydney was so upset we didn’t take Roxi she was crying on the way home and Sadie climbed into the front seat and sat on her lap. My daughter had to laugh in spite of herself and now they are forever bonded. Our Boston, Rascal, loves her too. They get along great.

She is fantastic with the kids. Saturday we had a 5 yo over to play and Sadie was so sweet to her. Sadie loves the pool as you can see. We’ve only had one issue. We got her a nice big crate. It even had a door in a door so I could put things in without opening the entire crate. We left her in it for my daughter’s volley ball game. When we returned Sadie greeted us at the door wearing the smaller crate door(Not a scratch on Sadie). Luckily Petsmart took the crate back. So I tried to put her in the garage with Rascal. Did you know Sadie can open door with her mouth? She’s done it 2x now. But she has never damaged anything(well the doorknob has a couple of little scratches) or used the bathroom in the house.

Ponthier Family