roxy_scsv2_250x250When Roxy came home, she took a bit to adjust to our home and her new surroundings. She has fit into our household very nicely and has really nestled in quite well. She is a very obedient dog, of course when she really wants to be! She loves attention and to be rubbed on her belly. Her favorite spot in our home is her new bed, where she can sprawl out and relax. When the sun shines she is ready to play and jump around, frolicking out in the grass. Roxy has been very good when in contact with other people, cats and dogs. Roxy has touched our hearts in a warm and loving way and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. She is such a sweet dog with the most adoring eyes and the loudest snore for miles! We love her and all her slobber. Thank you so much Austin Boxer Rescue for allowing Roxy to be a part of our family.

~Joseph and Dana