Roxer CollageThought that I would send you some pics of your Roxer…..our Rocky….the amazing Boxweiller. He has touched so many lives both children and adults and was used for the “training dog” for technicians when I was managing Vet Hospitals for the last 7 years. He has done humane education in preschools and has changed many childrens fears of big dogs with his wiggly butt and gentle kisses.

We have moved from Lakeway to Spicewood where Rocky has 2 horses that he adores. He also shares his ranch with a giant orange tabby named Dynamite (the dog-kitten) he is Maine Coon so Rocky raised him like a dog…..such a good boy!

He rolls with the horses and is constantly near them even grazing on grass…very funny to watch!! He is fabulous with his little humans…I now have 2 kids…Drake is now 9 and Pearce is 3…..

You are doing an amazing service for these great animals and for their lucky owners!! Thanks again for letting us adopt him….I know that you were tempted to keep him!! I have attached some pics for you to see how much we adore him…