She is a love! At first, like anyone, it took a bit to get her out of her old habits and we are learning something about each other daily…doesn’t everyone?! She goes almost everywhere with us, in her seat belt when in the car. When I have to leave her at home, I feel as if I left something behind.

She is amazing with all people, children and most dogs as she surprised us by passing her interview with the “must be dog friendly” boarding place. She is heartworm positive, but since we are treating it with an amazing vet, she is completely normal and healthy.
She has become our second child and we spoil her with fashionable clothing and healthy treats. She loves long walks and exploring. I feel guilty when I have to shorten her walks at times.
Best part is she loves to dance, cuddle, and be in every room we are in. Very social and loves the outdoors. She has a special dog pillow in every room!
Ta-da! Our lady Rhapsody!